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Metronomy – The Upsetter [VIDEO]

Our favorite UK electro-pop group, Metronomy, has just released a brand new video for their single “The Upsetter”. But before the video, let’s talk about the song. Although “The Upsetter” is not a dance track, it’s still poppy. The group describes it as a “campfire singalong” of sorts. With mellow rhythm and meaningful lyrics, it’s a beautiful soundtrack to the video. Now, the video. It’s immensely creative and artistically shot. The location is beautiful and the whole theme and story […]

In Rotation: Africa Hitech

There’s not enough hype around Electronic DJ duo Africa Hitech, so I’m going to start some. Africa Hitech is a collaboration of DJs both implants to Australia; Mark Pritchard (left) and Steve Spacek (right). Although both produce and perform their own solo gigs, they also collaborate, as most DJs do, with other DJ’s and musical acts. This specific collaboration began in 2007 and produce a unique mix of musical genres; African, Caribbean & Electronica. The two have mentioned Africa Hitech […]

Night III of III Points

Night III of the Second Annual III Points Festival. The weekend of indie and hipster-electronic music is coming to a close. It felt hotter this night of any other. Which was weird since the crowd definitely felt lighter than Saturday’s festival. The first set we saw Sunday night was Com Truise. has been a fan of Com Truise for a few years now and we were stoked for the chance to catch a live set. He brought his usual […]

Night II of III Points

Coming back to III Points for Night II was something like returning to high school on Monday after the weekend. This feeling of community and common interest, essentially the purpose of the III Points Festival. There seemed to be a larger turn out for Night II. The crowd quickly thickened as it neared time for Chet Faker. We took a peek around backstage before his set, the energy back there was motivated, focused, thick with intention. We caught a quick […]

III Points: Night I Recap

There was an apparent buzz around town yesterday surrounding the commencement of the Second Annual III Points Festival. The packed line-up of djs and artists and a laundry list of Activations in-and-around town surround the event. The three-day festival celebrates music, art and tech by throwing this massive indoor party with four stages, food trucks, bars… and cool art installations, duh, we are in Wynwood. It’s awesome because you can literally bounce from show to show. Each stage area has […]


Bonobo Brings Sophisticated Grooves to Miami Fans

Yet another great DJ has made their way to hot and chaotic Miami to give its similarly described fans a taste of their music. Crowds came out in a sold-out frenzy to see proclaimed Dj/producer Bonobo rip up the turntables at Grand Central Miami this past weekend. Opening the show was Kastle, an up and coming producer that served up sultry and futuristic electronica tracks decorated with smooth r&b vocals. Kastle was just the right appetizer before Bonobo stepped onto […]


London Duo Releases Wildly Good Music

Besides having epic music videos, Jungle’s music is refreshingly entertaining and he’s satisfying that missing urge for quintessential R&B that’s missing inside us all. Jungle is a duo based out of London and they jumped onto the scene out of nowhere with their self-titled debut album┬áJungle. The music within the 13-track album can be classified as pop electronic R&B. You know how music goes nowadays, you could slap four or five different tags on it and it still makes sense. […]

BANKS: Live at Grand Central Miami

It was short but so very sweet… Atleast, that was the case for me. This show was my first taste of BANKS and up until now I didn’t actually have much previous knowledge of who or what ‘BANKS’ was, expect for the random mentions via the team and friends. Seeing and hearing her in action, I’m definitely glad to be rid of my ignorance. Justin Ritchie The vibes were right and the energy level was…as the kids say…turnt up, all […]

Staff Picks: Astronautica

You may already know about Alpha Pup Records. You may already know HW&W Recordings. Now, do know Astronautica? 22 year-old Los Angeles native Edrina R. Martinez is the face behind all this chill, experimental, and glitch-hoppy goodness. While only releasing music for the last three years, Astronautica has really made a name for herself within the beat making community, especially in California. Her remixes of songs like Cassie’s ‘RockaByeBaby‘ and Jessie Ware’s ‘Devotion‘ has garnered the attention of Low End […]

TVOTR Upcoming Album & New Single

Indie rock alternative band TV on the Radio is officially releasing a new album this fall. On November 18th, the band will be giving there swaths of decade-plus fans “Seeds,” an LP with 12 tracks produced by their very own Dave Sitek. They’ve just released the official single Happy Idiot and it has the quintessential TVOTR sound and the song is quite catchy. It’s upbeat in nature and of course we can’t help but get a little mesmerized by Tunde’s […]

New Artist to Watch: Alma Contruct

Jack Thompson is 19 years-old and is currently producing music as Alma Construct.┬áDespite his young age, the music produced by Alma Construct is layered, dynamic and aurally sophisticated. The young producer has just released the single for his upcoming EP release of “On the Edge, Surrounded With the Shores of Assudrey.” The single shares the same name as the EP and while listening, you can hear the talent hidden within the misty and shadowy beats. The song grows quite infectious […]

Daft Punk Releases ‘Human After All’ Remixes LP in North America

Daft Punk, everyone’s favorite French robots, gave fans an in-between album treat today. They’ve finally released Human After All Remixes LP on iTunes in North America. Who’s ready to “Robot Rock”?! Up until now, the 2006 remix collection album had been available only in Japan. The original album, Human After All, was released in 2005. It didn’t exactly create the buzz quite like 97′s Homework and 01′s Discovery. The LP contains 15 tracks, all holdovers from the original, the remix […]